A Sunny Morning – Ajaytao

A Sunny Morning - Ajaytao

A Sunny Morning – Ajaytao

Old friends pass away,
new friends appear
It is just like the days
An old day passes,
a new day arrives
The important thing is to
make it meaningful
a meaningful friend
or a meaningful day

Dalai Lama


Celestial Aura – Ajaytao

Celestial Aura - Ajaytao

Celestial Aura – Ajaytao

Celestial Aura

Unaware I walk this Earth
An Aura shields the soul
Soft music on forever flows
A Spirit as dark as coal
I now see a beautiful light
Realized what I should have
Here, my purpose is unknown
Somewhere else, my existence is sown


Dusk art – Ajaytao

Dusk art - Ajaytao

Dusk art – Ajaytao

It went from day to night so fast
and that beautiful dusk
you and me intertwined with shades of pink and yellow
but it was short
and when the light left
so did you
and now I’m sitting here in the silent blackness
wondering what am I supposed to do
because it went from day to night so fast

Bennett Brown

Peaks in the sky – Ajaytao

Peaks in the sky - Ajaytao

Peaks in the sky – Ajaytao


The clouds always seem
to want to float higher
As if the higher they go
the closer they get to heaven

Maybe that’s true
I wouldn’t know
I’m not a cloud

But if I were
I’d want to go higher too..


Foggy winter morning – Ajaytao

Foggy winter morning - Ajaytao

Foggy winter morning – Ajaytao

A Foggy Morning

All was clear when I went to bed
Just now, I discover it’s there

Stealthily overnight it crept in
Its whiteness obscures the scene

Familiar shapes are blurry now
A feeling of peace it engenders

Even the birds have ceased chirping
Silver orbs adhere to a spider’s web

Too soon, the sun will break through
To restore the world I once knew

A moment of serenity will be past
What a shame it was unable to last

Elton Camp

Golden fireball – Ajaytao

Golden fireball - Ajaytao

Golden fireball – Ajaytao


sister of moon

mother of light

aunt of life

Bernhard Tischler

Cotton clouds – Ajaytao

Cotton clouds - Ajaytao

Cotton clouds – Ajaytao

Cloud Nine

In a perfect world
I could be a dreamer…
I’d be living in a dream
Floating high above the ground
On my sweet
Cotton candy clouds
Nobody could touch me
I’d be free to be
The good of me
Nothing could phase me

Kelly Whiteside

Dusk Shadows – Ajaytao

Dusk Shadows - Ajaytao

Dusk Shadows – Ajaytao


your image fades from mind
as the sun sets to a black sky and
I wonder if you meant what you said
I wonder if I really want you to mean it
I wonder if, sitting here in the dark
I think I am in reach of something
that is no longer there

Gina Nicole

Clouds at dusk – Ajaytao

Clouds at dusk - Ajaytao

Clouds at dusk – Ajaytao


Dusken the night
with the blood of day,
In fading sight
lay full your range.

The force of light
against your stay,
All pith of might
has fled away.

Within our eyes
your shadows grip,
Our heart’s appease
towards you play.

Our fleeting life
all heaven knows,
That in your clutch
no memory shows


Dusk beauty – Ajaytao

Dusk beauty - Ajaytao

Dusk beauty – Ajaytao


that hour
between light and dark
mystery hour
of filmy blue light
blurred lines
and shadowed faces
magical mystery

Peter Pan